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Vaping is 'far safer than smoking'

New research found those who switched to vaping had reduced toxins and carcinogens in their bodies.

Swiss Vape Ban Overturned In Court.

Swiss vendors will finally be able to sell e-liquid with nicotine to the country’s 60,000 vapers.

UK MP Suggests Promoting E-Cigs on Cigarette Packs

While the US FDA announces a new blitz aimed at targeting E-Cig sales to minors, a UK minister has said he would consider placing e-cigarette adverts on cigarette packets.

E-Cigarettes No Longer Considered Tobacco Products Under Alaska Law

Alaskan House Rules Committee recently voted to revise a bill that had previously designated vaporizers as tobacco products.

NHS hospitals should sell e-cigarettes, says Government agency

Smoking shelters should become "vaping lounges" for less risky e-cigarette use, NHS bosses said.

Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes

Despite the sometimes confused, and confusing, media reporting around the safety of e-cigarettes, there is growing consensus around the evidence. While not without some risk, when compared to smoking e-cigarettes are far less harmful.

E-Cigarettes are definitely safer than smoking

Although not harmless, the evidence is unequivocal that vaping is much safer than smoking. But misinformation and scaremongering could still be putting people off switching.

No Negative Respiratory Impact from E-Cigarettes on Never Smokers

Surveys of e-cigarette users (vapers) overwhelmingly demonstrate that almost all of them (even up to 99 percent) are smokers or former smokers. After surveying all the available science on health risks of vaping as compared to smoking, both Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have estimated that vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking.

E-cigarette safety, the facts explained

In this extended (13 minute) film, experts take a deeper look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes - including the safety of e-liquids and vapour, secondhand vaping, the 'gateway' theory, and the safety of vaping relative to smoking.

Study Squashes Fears Over Secondhand Exposure To Vaping

A forthcoming study investigating the health impact of aerosol vapour emitted from Electronic Cigarettes shows it poses no meaningful secondhand risks.

The British Psychological Society endorses Vaping

The British Psychological Society releases a statement supporting the role of E-Cigarettes for helping smokers to quit.

Professor John Britton talks to the BBC about E-Cigarettes

Amid the news that MPs will carry out an inquiry into e-cigarettes, Professor John Britton discusses e-cigs as a tool to help stop smoking, the gateway theory, the possibility of e-cigs on prescription and the effects of nicotine.

Switching to E-Cigarettes could save 6.6 million American smokers

In an analysis of potential health benefits of getting smokers to quit tobacco, the researchers found that those 6.6 million people who switched to vaping would live for a collective total of up to 86.7 million extra years.

Success rates for people quitting smoking with E-Cigarettes hits record high

Nearly 20% of those who quit in first half of 2017 have been successful, with e-cigarettes becoming most popular method of quitting, say UCL researchers. E-cigarettes are the most popular method of quitting nationwide, the study found.

NHS Health Scotland: E-cigs 'definitely' less harmful than smoking

The consensus statement, published by Scotland's national health education and promotion agency, was agreed by the Scottish government, health boards, academia and charities such as the British Lung Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

What is e-juice made out of?

Most E-Liquid has four main ingredients; there’s some variation, but not really very much. If you know the basics you’ll be able to spot any differences quickly. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to be pouring into your atomiser.

More Evidence Suggests E-Cigarettes Help Some Smokers Quit

“Results revealed that greater frequency of e-cigarette use beyond ever use [using one at least once] and especially with 20 or more days of use in the past month was strongly associated with both having made a quit attempt and a greater likelihood of three months or more of cigarette smoking cessation,”

How E-Cigarettes are helping the UK become Smoke Free

The National Health Service in particular has contributed greatly to these amazing results. Electronic cigarettes are now recommended by the NHS as a tobacco cessation treatment. Largely thanks to this, the UK is a country with one of the lowest cigarette consumption rates per capita in Europe, which is really fantastic news!

Evidence over prejudice, ending the anti vaping hysteria

Studies have consistently shown vaping to be far less hazardous than smoking with the Royal College of Physicians concluding the risks of vaping are unlikely to exceed 5 percent of those of smoking.

The advent of e-cigs corresponds to decreased smoking rates

“The substantial increase in e-cigarette use among US adult smokers was associated with a statistically significant increase in the smoking cessation rate at the population level”, said the latest study published on BMJ.

Vape is saved. Deeming dead?

In a somewhat extraordinary and unexpected development Scott Gottlieb, the newly appointed head of FDA, has announced that the submission deadline for PMTAs is to be delayed until 2022.

UK Government releases Tobacco Control Plan for England and E-Cigarettes are included

Ministers will be monitoring the UK’s exit from the EU in order to “identify where we can sensibly deregulate without harming public health”, whilst taking a fresh look at the Tobacco Products Directive, (TPD) since it impacts e-cig regulations.

Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes according to long term study

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK is the first to explore the effects of e-cigarettes by looking at long-term human body-level exposure. The results are promising.

Vaping regulations go into effect in Spain and more to come!

Several Vaping and anti-smoking associations write letters to the Health Ministry in Spain, in response to the harsh regulations put forward by the government.

E-Cigarettes needed to get more adults to quit smoking

E-Cigarettes have only a tiny fraction of the risk of smoking. It is well known that almost all the harm from smoking is caused by the products of combustion, which are absent from vaping.

Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction

This report provides an update on the use of harm reduction in tobacco smoking, in relation to all non-tobacco nicotine products but particularly e-cigarettes. It shows that, for all the potential risks involved, harm reduction has huge potential to prevent death and disability from tobacco use, and to hasten our progress to a tobacco-free society.

Vaping Could Have "An Enormous Public Health Benefit"

Dr. Ruairi Hanley on why doctors should prescribe vaping to smokers

More than half of UK vapers 'have given up smoking'

For the first time, more than half of the UK's electronic-cigarette users have since given up smoking tobacco, a study suggests.

Secondhand Vape Exposure is Minimal

Vape Shop Air Sampling by California State Health Department Suggests that Secondhand Vape Exposure is Minimal

Pre TPD Clearance Sale Now On

As of May 20th the European wide ban on E-Liquids in containers larger than 10ml comes into effect. Here at Vape Freaks we are having a clearance sale on all non TPD compliant E-Liquids, including 50ml, 30ml and 15ml bottles. Also included in the sale are E-Liquids which do not meet the new TPD labelling standards.

CDC report shows more smokers try to quit with E-Cigs than nicotine replacement products.

Some studies, including one by the Royal College of Physicians, have claimed e-cigs and vaporizers are up to 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The Royal College’s study on traditional cigarettes played a key role in the landmark 1964 surgeon general’s determination on the harmful effects of smoking.

Australia hasn’t yet come to terms with the option of harm reduction

In the wake of the TGA’s decision to maintain a ban on nicotine for e-cigarettes, research shows such restrictive environments inhibit smokers’ attempts to quit.

E-cigarettes to be legalised in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government announced today it will change the law to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes. Products will be legally sold at some point next year.

European Ban On E-Liquid In Bottles Larger Than 10ml From May 2017

As of May 20th. E-Liquids in bottles larger than 10ml will no longer be available for sale within Europe due to EU TPD Regulations. Our remaining stock of 30ml and 50ml E-Liquids are selling out very quickly and when they are gone we are unable to replace them

Researcher claims 'academic McCarthyism' over e-cigarettes

A leading E-Cigarette scientist has defended links between the Tobacco and Vaping industries.

Isle of Man prisoners could be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in six-month pilot

Prisoners in the Isle of Man could be allowed to smoke E-Cigarettes, the Manx government has announced.

Young people do not associate e-cigarettes with increased likelihood of smoking

New research suggests availability of e-cigarettes makes smoking appear less attractive to young people, discourages tobacco uptake.

Smoking numbers hit new low as Britons turn to Vaping to help quit cigarettes

New data reveals a significant decline in number of smokers over last five years, while the daily number of cigarettes consumed has also fallen

E-Cigarettes are a safe and excellent way of reducing our smoking rates.

Across Canada, some provinces have legislated that e-cigarettes are equivalent to tobacco products, by promoting the idea that combustible tobacco smoke and vapour are equally harmful. The assertion that e-cigarettes are not a viable cessation tool is scientifically incorrect, morally dangerous and likely in violation of our charter right to access harm-reduction alternatives

Vaping in public places: Advice for employers and organisations

New vaping in public places advice recognises there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Vaping is 'far safer than smoking'

New research found those who switched to Vaping had reduced toxins and carcinogens in their bodies.

Vaping, E-Cigarettes, and Public Policy Toward Alternatives to Smoking

Policymakers should be mindful of the extensive research that supports tobacco harm reduction and understand that bans, excessive regulations, or high taxes on e-cigarettes could encourage smokers to stay with more-harmful traditional cigarettes.

Facts about Vaping - CASAA

Millions of long-term smokers have developed diseases that have caused them to die early. It is well understood that these diseases are caused almost exclusively by inhaling smoke. Vapor products, commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, do not burn tobacco or any other material, and so do not produce the smoke that causes smoking related diseases.

E-Cigarettes 'safer' than tobacco filled cigarettes - study

This is the first long-term research into the effects of vaping in former tobacco users

Is An iVape Device On The Horizon From Apple?

There has been an interesting mix of small businesses and Big Tobacco companies that have entered the vaping industry in the last five years, but the newest player speculated to be entering the arena may just be the most well-known: Apple.

FDA ‘clarifies’ stance on synthetic nicotine as a tobacco product

Lots of other plants contain nicotine, including eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. So, one forward-thinking company named Next Generation Labs decided to test the FDA’s logic.

Finland: A tax on e-liquids and a severe downgrade in the choice of flavors

An excise duty of €0.30/ml now applies to all e-liquids, even those without nicotine, and the only flavor allowed is "tobacco". In the future, cross-border sales of e-liquid will be banned, a situation that will turn the 50,000 Finnish vapers into cash cows.

6 Celebs Who Changed To Vaping

If Old Hollywood glamour is defined by the thickness of the cloud hovering over any given gathering of VIPs, then we’re in a golden age.

Lab-based cellular tests reveal that E-Cigarette vapour does not induce DNA damage

E-cigarette vapour does not damage DNA, even at doses 28 times that of equivalent smoke exposure.

Colin Mendelsohn: Banning E-Cigarettes could increase cancer

E-Cigarettes are a much safer, tobacco-free alternative to smoking and have helped millions of smokers around the world to quit. They provide the nicotine to which smokers are addicted and the familiar hand-to-mouth smoking ritual, but without all the tars, chemicals and gases that cause almost all the harm from smoking.

Smoking and Vaping in public places

Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead at Public Health England, considers how vaping is changing thinking on smokefree policies

Increased use of E-Cigarettes would assist smokers to quit, study finds

The Health Information and Quality Authority has said that an increased use of e-cigarettes by smokers trying to quit "would increase the number of people who successfully quit compared with the existing situation in Ireland."

Signs of hope in the USA as opposition to bans gains speed

For vapers in the USA the news has been almost unrelentingly bad all year. There are signs that may be changing, however. A county court struck down a proposed new law that would have treated vaping as smoking, while a major think tank is attacking the idea of vape taxes. Meanwhile a business owner is suing Pennsylvania over its wide-ranging 40% tax. It’s too early to say a corner has been turned, but things look slightly better than in recent months.

Research casts doubt on link between popularity of E-Cigarettes and desire to smoke tobacco

Research casts doubt on link between popularity of e-cigarettes and desire to smoke tobacco. The majority (96%) of qualitative responses given in interviews with 100 non-smokers aged between 16 and 29, showed young people were able to clearly differentiate between smoking traditional cigarettes and e-cigarette use, with most expressing disinterest in vaping, considering the devices were used only for attempting to quit or reduce tobacco consumption. There was no reported change in the respondent

Vaping Gets Win, Now Separated From Smoking in US City

Vaping scored a victory in the city of St. Joseph, Missouri when the city council decided to separate Vaping from smoking legally. This means that Vaping will no longer be included in smoking bans in St. Joseph

Released: New book on Analytical Assessment of E Cigarettes

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos presents his new book on E-Cigarettes. “It is an honor for me to present you the book titled: “Analytical Assessment of e-Cigarettes: From Contents to Chemical and Particle Exposure Profiles” - Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

E-Cig vapour does not induce genetic mutations associated with cigarette smoke exposure

Scientists at British American Tobacco have compared the potential for cigarette smoke and Vapour to cause genetic mutations in bacteria strains. Genetic mutations are thought to be involved in the development of cancer and this study will add more weight to the argument that Vaping should be being championed by the likes of the World Health Organisation rather than being treated with caution.

E-Cigarettes And The Values Behind The Evidence

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the case against E-Cigarettes on the basis of scientific evidence. A second Cochrane review, the gold standard when it comes to assessing the state of the evidence on hot topics from salt to fat to smoking has concluded that these nicotine delivering devices that involve no combustion may help smokers quit without serious health consequences.

India Grapples With Ecigs

Indian Vapers say they want access to Electronic Cigarettes, experts state that Vaping works as a way to quit smoking but lawmakers remain opposed to harm reduction. The country houses 12% of the world’s smokers and loses the equivalent populations of Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry and Canterbury to smoking-related deaths each year.

42% of smokers will quit smoking with the aid of E-Cigarettes

A recent survey that took place in America has revealed some fascinating facts about Vaping and how it fits into the task of trying to quit smoking. Does it make it easier for people to quit for good? According to the results, it would seem this is indeed the case. The study was conducted by the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health of the University of California in San Diego. It took place across a two-year period and explored how successful smokers were in quitting with or without t

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Vaping saves lives. It’d be madness to ban it!

Cigarettes kill. Anything that makes some smokers give them up is to be encouraged.

Britain must speak up for E-Cigarettes. The health of the world’s smokers depends on it.

Last week Public Health England announced that fewer people than ever are smoking in England (less than 17 per cent). They also highlighted the role of E-Cigarettes in helping smokers to quit cigarettes. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) estimates that 2.8 million Brits Vape, more than in any other country outside the US.

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Digging Up More Ecig Efficacy Evidence

At the release of the latest findings from University College London, Robert West added a word of caution that the efficacy evidence might not translate to other nations. One week later and reports are coming in from as far apart as Malaysia and Detroit that it does – or would if it were given a chance.

E-Cigarette use linked to successful attempts to quit smoking.

Growth in the use of E-Cigarettes in England has been associated with a higher rate of successful attempts to quit smoking, reveals a study published by The BMJ (British Medical Journal) today.

E-Cigarettes do help smokers quit

Rigorous assessment of available evidence on E-Cigarettes

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A new addition to the Dekang 50ml range - SC LK

Smoking in India could be soon eradicated through Vaping says a study.

A total saving of around 90 million life-years! Millions of smokers have already made the switch to the safer alternative, E Cigarettes and economists agree that if things keep moving forward at this rate smoking will be eliminated altogether.

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As an introductory offer, we have a 30% off discount for a limited time. Chemnovatic are proud to announce a brand new line of premium e-liquids, Vapy Complex Edition. 30ml black glass bottles with glass drippers and child resistant caps at just €8.40 each! 75% VG – 25% PG available in 3 nicotine strength options: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Documentary: Without Vaping “A Billion Lives” At Risk

Internationally acclaimed Documentary Feature Film “A BILLION LIVES” makes North American Premiere on August 6th, 2016 at the historic PABST Theatre in Milwaukee.

New: Metaphor Concentrate by FlavourArt

If you love sweets but also like a slightly sharp note to balance the taste, Metaphor is for you.

New study: 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes

PRESS RELEASE New Study: 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking with the use of Electronic Cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes: Businesses urged to give Vapers their own room and more breaks.

Health officials have urged businesses to designate specific rooms for E-Cigarette smoking staff to Vape in.

Do it Now! – Cancer Research Rep Says Vaping Helps Reduce Cancer

When a world leading cancer research rep says that smoking related cancers could be reduced by switching people to E-Cigarettes, you would think the rest of the public health community would take notice. They have, but the reaction is not what you might expect.

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